With its flamboyant foliage, autumn is known to be a particularly colorful season. Indeed, red and yellow, passing through orange colors, then invade the trees. However, fall isn’t just about the leaves changing colors. There are also the autumn flowers, still present, which adorn our gardens, our beds or our planters. Discover 10 fall flowers to bring color to the garden.


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climbing flowers

1) Passiflora

This flower blooms between July and November . Fragrant, it reveals cream-colored petals with long purple filaments. It will appreciate places in partial shade with a rather light soil.

passion flower
Credits: Tama66 / Pixabay

2) Clematis

Clematis blooms in late fall and winter. Purple in color and sometimes cream speckled with purple, it strongly resembles a bell. Exposure to the sun in a drained soil will provide it with everything it needs for its development.

Credits: suju / Pixabay

autumn bulbs

3) Crocus sativus

Blooming in the fall, the crocus offers purple flowers with yellow stamens and red filaments. This plant is also grown for saffron.

crocus flower
Credits: MichaelGaida / Pixabay

4) Dahlias

This plant with large flowers of about 20cm in diameter blooms between July and autumn. It can grow in optimal conditions in the sun and in cool soil. It can reach up to 1.5m in height.

Credits: 9883074 / Pixabay

Autumn flowering shrubs

5) The oleander

This small shrub which blooms during the winter will particularly appreciate shady places with drained soil. Its pink buds will open to offer pretty white flowers.

laurel tin
Credits: Tom Meaker / iStock

6) Winter heather

This shrub bears many cluster-shaped bright pink flowers. It will flower during the winter in a sunny place.

purple heather winter garden
Credits: iStock


7) Asters

Light purple in color and star-shaped, asters bloom in the fall in a place well exposed to the sun.

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blue aster
Credits: BoValentino / iStock

8) Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums look like large daisies. They bloom between October and November. They will develop in perfect conditions in a sunny corner of the garden.

Credits: chezbeate / Pixabay

Annual fall flowers

9) Maryland Zinnia

The flowering of the zinnia takes place between July and November. It offers flowers of multiple colors in the shape of a daisy. This plant is perfect for bouquets.

maryland zinnia
Credits: Peloria / iStock

10) Thoughts

Yellow, white, and sometimes purple pansy flowers bloom between March and November. Know that the flowers are edible and are ideal for coloring dishes.

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