Outdoor lights can do much more than bring a little light to your green spaces! Strategically installed in the garden, on the balcony or all around the terrace, they can indeed create a warm atmosphere on their own and give these spaces a welcoming and exotic magical side. These points of light will bring all the poetry and magic to which you aspire so that your eyes, like those of your guests, light up at the very idea of ​​sharing a moment around your garden furniture or your table if you are organizing a barbecue. . These ideas can also be used to dress up the surroundings with charm if you are organizing a wedding or an outdoor event. Something to make your celebrations unforgettable!

1) Garlands extending from a tree

Outdoor lights can be used to highlight the most beautiful aspects of a garden . Here, the garlands invite themselves under the foliage and almost seem to be part of it, highlighting the magnificence of this very leafy tree which protects the garden furniture like a setting.

2) Dress your trees in a thousand lights with outdoor lights

With a little creativity, you can really have fun with outdoor lights and their arrangement. The garlands here dress the trunks of the trees as well as the main branches, thus giving them a dreamlike and marvelous appearance.

3) Lamps sporting pretty shapes for minimal effort

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to create the desired atmosphere! Solar lamps in the shape of a star, of the Moon, of the Sun can indeed bring a soft and subdued light and give the desired bewitching effect.

4) An improvised shower of stars

With string lights, the possibilities are limitless. It is particularly possible to arrange them in a falling way to be able to dine or read under a delicate shower of stars.

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5) A few loupiotes in logs

To delimit a space, pave a path to go through the garden at night or simply in places to dress the floor of the terrace, these luminous logs certainly have their little effect!

6) Like an air of paradise by multiplying the light sources

For a brighter effect, but also original, nothing prevents you from combining several types of light sources. To the fine and delicate light garlands can for example be added more imposing photophores for a more spectacular visual effect.

7) A most incredible luminous arch

If you are lucky enough to have a flowery arch in your garden, do not hesitate to add a few touches of light to sublimate it.

8) A remarkably well-lit table

For a softly lit meal, opt for glass jars filled with candles or garland.

9) Outdoor lamps floating in the air

Hung to the trees by discreet threads , these lights help to give a magical and extraordinary atmosphere that does not fail to captivate the eye.

10) A magical meal under a luminous pergola

All the dishes immediately seem more enchanting in this dazzling setting of light.

11) A shimmering rose garden

Perfect for an unforgettable wedding meal, this rose garden combines sublime flowers with fine touches of light for a resplendent and delicate effect.

12) Like a winter garden with cool colors

By opting for outdoor light fixtures in bluish hues, you can achieve an improvised winter garden perfect for transitioning into the cold seasons.

13) A very successful DIY suspension

Ideal for a wedding, this decoration combines pearls and light for an impressive result.

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14) Gather around an amazing brazier

No need to bother with lighting and fueling the fire with this glittering brazier !

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