Summer often rhymes with seeking shade! Know that to set up a summer cocoon, a few well-chosen accessories are enough to add character and create a warm and friendly atmosphere for lounging when the sun is at its zenith or during mild evenings. So, immediately discover 3 layout ideas for practical and effective shade.

The shaded area with a parasol

The parasol of course protects against UV rays, but its asset also lies in its charm. Whether with a central or offset base, the parasol is attractive, practical and above all easy to handle. It guarantees a pleasant shaded area. Depending on your needs and requirements, it is possible to set your sights on a round, rectangular or square parasol. The choice of shape depends mainly on where the parasol is placed. In small balcony-type spaces, it is better to turn to a round parasol. For the large spaces offered by a terrace, a garden or a patio, it is preferable to opt for a square or rectangular parasol.

Choose a Beach umbrella matching the decor is child’s play. There are a multitude of shapes and colors that will blend happily with your terrace. Take a closer look at the taupe tone that inevitably evokes the terracotta spirit of the south. This color is the most beautiful effect!

Credits: offset parasol/Bricorama

The shaded area with a shade sail

the shade sail is one of the most modern solutions for dressing up a terrace and creating a shaded area. This is one of the most popular solutions in landscaping, because there is no hindrance to traffic. The UV filtration of shade sails is very high and guarantees between 90% and 97% protection. This rate varies according to the characteristics of the fabric. In addition, there are two categories of sails:

  • permeable sails that protect against UV rays and withstand strong winds well.
  • water-repellent waterproof sails that protect against UV rays and rain.

In addition, the shade sail makes it possible to protect much larger surfaces than a parasol. By being fixed in the air or on the periphery of the terrace, it has the advantage of freeing up space on the ground. Another advantage: the great freedom of arrangement, by playing with the arrangement of the sails (overlapping, symmetry, etc.). Whether triangular or square in shape, the shade sail is also inevitably reminiscent of a boat sail. It is therefore a first choice aesthetic solution for exteriors located on the sea coast.

Simple and discreet, the fixings adapt directly to the walls -or using poles- on the brick, the concrete, the wood or the stone. The shade sail is provided with a very strong resistance to the vagaries of the weather and to the pulling force, thanks to a solid attachment system by straps. The bindings are directly inspired by the nautical world, which guarantees rot-proof ropes and stainless steel structures that are not afraid of corrosion.

The shade sail requires little maintenance and is simply cleaned with a soft dry brush or with soapy water. The carabiner system ensures rapid dismantling in the event of severe weather. The veil does not tolerate snow or frost and must therefore be stored during the winter.

shade sail
Credits: shade sail/Bricorama

Shaded area with an awning

Just as formidable against UV and also in fabric, the awning can also find favor with your eyes on a balcony. It is the ideal solution for shading small areas or a space near an interior access door. Formerly confined to traditional striped models with rather surprising colors, the blind has since undergone its transformation and is available in a multitude of discreet, aesthetic and pleasing screens. The side awning is also a small revolution, because the rolling system offers great maneuverability without effort.

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