When heat and drought set in, watering becomes essential for the survival of garden plants. However, for both financial and ecological reasons, it is essential to practice reasoned watering and to control the consumption of water discharged into the garden. So, what are the best systems to save water in the garden? We invite you to discover here three ecological solutions.

Saving water in the garden: a necessary awareness

Every summer or during periods of drought, decrees relating to measures restricting the use of water are taken in certain regions. They almost systematically concern the watering of the vegetable garden and flower beds. These measures are essential to become aware of the exhaustible and precious character some water. The decrees thus aim to make the various users aware of the fragility of water resources and to reduce the pressure on aquatic environments and water reserves, in particular for the supply of drinking water.

1. Rainwater harvester to save water

Whether aerial or buried, the water collector is the most economical solution. It will allow you to collect rainwater. The overhead water collector is quicker to set up. With storage capacities ranging from 300 liters to over 1000 litres, the choice is wide. Wondering how to install a rainwater collector ? All you have to do is connect the downspout connection to a water tank, tank, tank or cistern. There are some for all needs and all requirements, even aesthetic ones!

Credits: 360 L water tank – Bricomarché

2. Drip to save water

In the event of a short absence, the dropper water dispenser is the solution for ultra-light and continuous flow irrigation. There are several systems ofdrip irrigation. Some use the most advanced technologies such as microporous pipes or buried pipes with incorporated drippers. Others are more do-it-yourself systems that favor recycling or home-made with, for example, pierced plastic bottles, oyas and watering wicks by capillarization.

3. Automatic watering timer to target watering

The watering programmer is one of the gardener’s essential accessories! It’s very simple, its configuration allows perfect control of watering thanks to the precise targeting of the watering time. It is a very valuable system for any gardener who needs to water the vegetable garden remotely or during well-defined time slots.

This accessory connects to the system ofautomatic watering. The most advanced can provide real-time information on soil moisture or rainfall. Depending on this humidity level, the timer stops water distribution or reduces it. It therefore avoids excessive watering and allows substantial savings.

automatic watering timer
Credits: watering programmer – Bricomarché

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