On the list of the most used medicinal plants, we can undoubtedly find sage. This plant has been known since Antiquity for its beneficial properties, and it is true that it proves to be a serious daily asset for treating various minor ailments. In addition, in general, it is good for health, provided of course not to abuse it.

Precaution of use of a health ally

Used sparingly, sage reveals a number of positive virtues. Sage leaf can be eaten in different forms: plain teas, herbal teas and in the kitchen, in soap and deodorant, etc. Be careful before you start, it is not recommended for people with epilepsy. Those with breast cancer should also avoid it, or consume it in a dosage established by a health professional.

1. Relieve Digestive Concerns

In herbal tea, this plant treats stomach ailments by aiding digestion thanks to the flavonoids it contains. Its purifying action makes it possible to fight against diarrhea and nausea. This composition also helps to blood circulation and at the cholesterol regulation by limiting the production of bad.

2. Sore mouth

The antiseptic properties of this plant make it effective against minor mouth – and throat – ailments of everyday life. canker sores, irritations of the gums and throat (such as laryngitis) can be alleviated thanks to sage, even if it does not replace medical advice. For it to deploy these benefits in these situations, it can be used in gargling and mouthwash.

3. Against perspiration

This is indeed one of the areas where sage is best known. swallowed in tisane, it can indeed prove to be a remedy for perspiration as original as it is effective ! Unlike cold drinks that force our body to work harder to regulate its temperature in the summer, sage tea regulates sweat glands for a much more antiperspirant effect.

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4. An ally of the female body

Sore breasts, irregular cycles and more discomfort and pain due to menstruation and premenstrual syndrome can indeed be alleviated by sage herbal teas. Like raspberry leaf, it is considered a true ally of the female body!

It can indeed be consumed throughout life, with the exception of the period of pregnancy and lactation. When it comes to menopause, sage has proven itself in fighting hot flashes precisely related to this bodily change.

5. Useful against Alzheimer’s disease?

Sage is indeed believed to have a stimulating effect on the brain, and more specifically on memory and attention. Research is still underway to truly quantify its role in the fight against this disease degenerative, but the first results are encouraging. In any case, sage has beneficial effects on our brain health.

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