Opt for a concrete terrace and make your job easier! This type of terrace is indeed very practical, robust and durable, and allows a 100% personalized decoration. Here are some very decorative concrete patio inspirations.

The concrete terrace has many advantages. Unlike wooden decks which require meticulous and regular maintenance, the concrete terrace is a guarantee of robustness and durability. here are some inspiration concrete terraces particularly well appointed.

6 inspirations for pretty concrete terraces

The terrace in concrete can be very creative! here are some inspiration particularly aesthetic concrete exteriors. For other ideas, Click here.

1/ Mosaics

Welcome on your terrace, forms more aesthetic than the others!

2/ A minimalist terrace

Get inspired by this pretty terrace minimalist to decorate your outdoor space!

3/ Small tight slabs

Imitate the stone by choosing small concrete slabs tight to bring a romantic charm to your terrace decorative.

4/ Imitate wood

Despite its cozy aspect and its undeniable aesthetic advantage, the wooden terrace has the disadvantage of requiring constant attention. Concrete can replicate the shape and look of woodless maintenance.

5/ A meticulous decoration

Decorate the edges of your concrete terrace according to your tastes and your personality!

6/ Large slabs

Refresh your feet in summer with a concrete exterior covering!

The benefits of a concrete patio

Easy decoration, sturdiness, ease of installation, the concrete terrace is a practical and economical choice. here are some others advantages to choose this type of coating for its outdoor space:

    • Resistance and durability : concrete is a robust and resistant material that retains its appearance for many years without special maintenance.
  • Ease of maintenance : concrete requires little maintenance, apart from removing any moss from the interstices and cleaning the slabs at high pressure.
  • Decoration and personalization easy
  • Practicality in rainy weather : no more mud under the soles before going home!
  • Adaptability : concrete adapts to all sizes and shapes of terraces
  • Cost : concrete is an inexpensive material
  • Ease installation.

How to maintain your concrete patio?

There are several ways to take good care of your concrete patio. One cleaning regular will be strongly recommended in order to eliminate residues and accumulated dirt, even encrusted stains. One hard bristle broom enough to get rid of the leaves and other plants as well as the dust, while a karcher will make it possible to quickly wash the slabs of your concrete terrace.

Warning : concrete is a material sensitive to chemicals and acids, so do not use this type of treatment to clean your concrete terrace. Mother Nature will be very grateful to you!


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