Whether used to adorn heads or as simple interior decoration, flower crowns are very refined elements. For a wedding, an event, a shoot, these are decorative accessories not to be overlooked. Colorful, fine, with a few flowers or just tree branches, they are also very easy to make. Moreover, they can be made all year round, regardless of the season. Here’s how to make one, along with some ideas you’ll love.


  • What materials for my flower crown?
  • How do I make my flower crowns?
  • A wreath for spring
  • A flowery summer
  • A colorful autumn right down to your hair
  • Wreaths of flowers for the winter
  • A romantic flower crown
  • A bohemian spirit
  • The mythical Christmas wreath

What materials for my flower crown?

First of all, it is important to think about the type of crown you want to make. It is possible to create some with fresh flowers or dried flowers. Beware, however, of the fresh ones which, depending on the variety, could only last a day or two. You can also, if they are resistant flowers, keep your accessory in the refrigerator until use. Finally, if it is made of dried flowers, do not throw it away and use it as a decoration.

To make your own crown, here is how to proceed. You’ll need :

  • Fine wire for the structure of the crown.
  • Special flower tape, the floratape. This will hide the wire and give a more natural look.
  • Ribbon. This part is optional, but will allow you to finalize and customize your crown so that it is totally personal.

How do I make my flower crowns?

First, you will need to make a circle with your wire. Measure around your head, but don’t forget to add a few centimeters to close the crown. Indeed, a crown of flowers is ideally worn a little wider than your head so as not to be too tight or too small. You will wrap the ends together and put some tape around this closure. This will hide the wire, but also protect you from possible injury. Your flowers should if possible have a stem of 3 cm, and if you use tree branches, it will depend on the expected rendering. First try to design the wreath without fixing the flowers so that you don’t get confused during your creation.

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The method of making the crown is very simple. Start by selecting two or three flowers together that you will place on your wire frame. You will use tape to attach them to your frame. Be generous in terms of tape, and don’t hesitate to add tape up to a centimeter beyond the end of the stems. This will help hold them more on the crown.  Grouping them together will create volume and there will be no gaps between the flowers.  You will repeat this step until you get a creation that you like. Remember to use flowers of different sizes and do not hesitate to put leaves or tree branches! Here are some ideas to inspire you for your future achievement.

A wreath for spring

crown spring
Credits: Oleksandr Shchus / iStock

To make a wreath for spring, the flowers that are recommended are lily of the valley, peony, tuberose, lupine or poppy. On the branch side, we recommend that you use wisteria, with its captivating and delicately colored scent, but also cherry. Cherry blossoms are splendid in early spring and will subtly dress your head.

A flowery summer

Crown summer flowers
Credits: Autumn Goodman / Unsplash

In summer, you want to put some color in your life. To bloom your hair, you can especially use roses. With their multiple colors, they are ideal for crowns and dry very well if you want to keep it. You can also use scabious, cosmos, zinnia, agapanthus, hydrangea, yarrow, carnations. Freesias are also very interesting flowers because of their color and their very pleasant smell. On the branch side, we can only strongly advise you to take olive branches. Olive branch wreaths are gorgeous and if dressed in delicate colorful flowers, your wreath will be even more stunning.

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A colorful autumn right down to your hair

autumn wreath dry flowers
Credits: Probuxtor / iStock

For the fall, you can choose to use chrysanthemums which are magnificent flowers. Whether large or small, they will be ideal for a crown. The ligustrum is also interesting, as is the ampelopsis or the roses which still bloom at this time. You can also use more delicate flowers such as tulips or narcissus. You can use hydrangea flowers which are also beautiful and when dried together with roses and eucalyptus branches will make an ideal interior decoration.

Wreaths of flowers for the winter

Wreath winter
Credits: LiliGraphie / iStock

For winter and to dress up your interior which is sometimes poor in flowers at this time, you can make a wreath with conifer branches. Fir, pine or even holly will be your allies to make your composition. Also use eucalyptus branches which look lovely on such a composition. You can decorate it with small pine cones, which will make it very pretty and bring a magnificent contrast between the materials. For a more flowery side, add hellebore which is a flower that is both soft and delicate.

A romantic flower crown

Red roses romantic wreath
Credits: Adina Voicu / Pixabay

Our romantic side will be delighted to see that flower crowns are more than appropriate. For a romantic date or an event such as Valentine’s Day, love can be in your hair. Red roses seem appropriate, as they are an obvious symbol of love that you can embellish with a little white baby’s breath. Buttercups are also very popular and so pretty.

A bohemian spirit

Bohemian wedding crown
Credits: Callie Morgan / Unsplash

To bring a rustic and bohemian spirit, it is advisable to privilege the small flowers of the fields. Lavender is very pretty in a wreath and even dried it will dress up and bring a touch of color. Grasses, white bellflower, delphinium, daisies, poppies, ranunculus are beautiful and will bring a bohemian touch to your wreath. You can also use white roses which will go perfectly with the flowers mentioned above. On the branch side, use ivy. Very elegant, it will bring a little country touch to your accessory.

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The mythical Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath
Credits: SbytovaMN / iStock

To decorate your tables or your head during Christmas, here is a pretty and colorful wreath that will delight you. Use fir branches and holly, being careful not to prick yourself with them. Add pine cones, dried tree leaves and even add a few red berries which will give color to your composition and therefore a more festive side. If you wish, you can also place a few balls for your tree which will give a touch of sparkle and celebration to your wreath!

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