Nature knows how to surprise us. There are billions of different plant species. Each plant is unique with artistic and sometimes even symmetrical aspects ! The surprise is even greater when nature takes on human or animal forms. Impressive or disturbing? Maybe both… Here are 16 atypical spooky-looking flowers.


  • 1) Monkey Head Orchid
  • 2) Antirrhinum
  • 3) Psychotria Elata
  • 4) Orchis Italica
  • 5) Aristolochia
  • 6) Dove Orchid
  • 7) Ophrys Bomybliflora
  • 8) Moth Orchid
  • 9) Duck Orchid
  • 10) The Parrot Flower
  • 11) The Calceolaria Uniflora
  • 12) Impatiens Bequaertii
  • 13) The Peristeria Orchid
  • 14) Ballerina Orchid
  • 15) L’Angloua Uniflora

1) Monkey Head Orchid

There are many varieties of orchids with more or less unusual shapes. This one is aptly named since its flower strongly resembles a monkey’s head. She is also sometimes compared to Dracula, knowing that her scientific name is Dracula Simia .

2) Antirrhinum

Also called dragon flower, antirrhinum gives flowers in the shape of a skull. It can be observed in the rock ranges of the United States, North Africa or Europe.

3) Psychotria Elata

This rare plant is also called “hot lips” or “kissing plants”. As you will have understood, its flamboyant red flower is reminiscent of a mouth offering a kiss.

4) Orchis Italica

This plant is commonly called “Naked Man Orchid”, because its flowers give the impression of seeing a man in his Adam’s outfit.

5) Aristolochia

If you are looking for a flower to decorate your garden during the Halloween period, Aristolochia is for you. She looks eerie…

6) Dove Orchid

This fine and delicate orchid reveals in its heart a dove taking flight.To register15 Incredible Flowers That Don’t Look Like…Flowers!MaxisciencesBird in flight? Still not, it’s a Habenaria Radiata orchid

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7) Ophrys Bomybliflora

This tuberous plant looks like a little cartoon character. One can also easily confuse this flower with an insect.

8) Moth Orchid

The moth orchid is one of the most common orchids, but there is nothing ordinary about its heart.

9) Duck Orchid

The duck-shaped orchid is grown mainly in Australia.

10) The Parrot Flower

A majestic bird overlooks this plant discovered by the English botanist Joseph Hooker.

11) The Calceolaria Uniflora

A plant that seems to have come from another planet!

12) Impatiens Bequaertii

The flowers are reminiscent of two young girls going to a dance party.

13) The Peristeria Orchid 

A pure flower that reveals in its heart a dove taking flight

14) Ballerina Orchid

Another flower going dancing, but this time in ballet flats!

15) L’Angloua Uniflora

This incredible flower seems to represent a cradle in which a newborn would be. Impressive isn’t it?

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