It is not uncommon to come across a few plants on the shelves of your supermarket which are often cheaper than in the garden centre. How to explain that they are less expensive? Is it worth cracking up?

Treatment of plants sold in supermarket

Initially, these plants were treated to flower faster to be offered for sale as soon as possible. The problem is that they end up in shelves where they have no place, without daylight, without watering and above all at the wrong temperature. However, all plants have specific living needs and not just survive. The living conditions in the supermarket are therefore not ideal.

They are also doped with fertilizer to offer a beautiful flowering at the time of purchase. All their energy was drawn for this, to the detriment of the roots. In addition, they are shipped on top of each other in trucks where it is dark, next to food pallets. Finally, once on the shelves, they will have to wait for someone to deign to buy them, otherwise they will end up in the trash with the unsold items.

After buying them

It is still advantageous to buy your plants in the supermarket according to your budget. It is indeed important to have plants at home and the price in garden centers can sometimes be too high.

So don’t worry if, once you get home, the plant dies. You can then make a sanitizing spray for your plants, which will allow them to live longer and resist an invasion of scale insects, for example. For this, we offer you a recipe Aroma Zone. Get a bottle with a trigger pump, then add 950ml of water, 50ml of black soap, 30 drops of Cryptomeria essential oil and 6ml of Cosgard preservative. Mix and spray your plants with this product once or twice a week.

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Also, check that the plant is not too cramped in its original pot. If so, repot it in a larger pot with a suitable substrate. And if it’s a flower arrangement, separate the plants that are sometimes not made to live together.

In any case, do not throw away your plant and find out about its needs to revive it.

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