Carefree plants are plants that require little maintenance. They are ideal for budding gardeners who would like to start and succeed crops for sure. Sans-souci can withstand extreme temperatures without the need for special attention. Here are 5 worry-free plants to grow.


  • 1) Tagetes anisata
  • 2) Opaal Japanese Cypress
  • 3) Sempervivum Chick Charms Gold Nugget
  • 4) Trachelospermum Winter Ruby Trared
  • 5) Ajuga Pyramidal Metallic Curl

1) Tagetes anisata

Also called Mexican tarragon, this plant is made up of anise-flavored leaves and flowers. When it blooms during the summer, it is possible to use the flowers to flavor dishes, oils or even butter. For its good development, the plant needs in particular good sunshine and a rather mild climate. Planting is possible in the ground or in pots.

Mexican tarragon Mexican tarragon
Credits: natureexplorer2 / iStock

2) Opaal Japanese Cypress

This small conifer, which can measure up to 60 cm when it reaches the age of 10, has a pretty green tint and evergreen foliage. Its growth is slow and adapts perfectly to small gardens. It can be planted in the ground or in a pot. It has no particular needs and the type of soil as well as the exposure to the sun are all the same to it. In addition, it can withstand temperatures down to -25°C.

Japanese Cypress Opaal
Credits: VICHAILAO / iStock

3) Sempervivum Chick Charms Gold Nugget

This golden-colored plant turns orange-red at its ends when the cold sets in . In the garden, it will need draining, dry soil exposed to the sun. It will resist negative temperatures down to -25°C.

joubarbes Sempervivum
Credits: Mario Krpan / iStock

4) Trachelospermum Winter Ruby Trared

Also called star jasmine, this climbing plant keeps its foliage even during the winter. Moreover, it turns red as soon as the cold sets in. Withstanding frost very well, it is not difficult when it comes to exposure to the sun. The only maintenance this plant needs is a light cleaning of dead branches sticking out of the support.

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Trachelospermum asiatica Hatuyukikazura ruby
Credits: kaorinne / iStock

5) Ajuga Pyramidal Metallic Curl

This ground cover plant produces blue-violet colored flowers. In addition, its metallic foliage will contrast with the rest of your garden. It prefers partial shade and easily tolerates negative temperatures down to -15°C. The soil must be slightly cool to ensure the proper development of the plant.

Ajuga Pyramidal Metallic Curls
Credits: Harald Biebel / iStock
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