This year we tested an original variety in our vegetable garden: corn-strawberry popcorn. Autumn has pointed the tip of its nose and the ears of corn-strawberry are coming to maturity! It is now time for harvesting and tasting.

Strawberry corn-popcorn, an original variety in the vegetable garden:

Strawberry Popcorn (Zea mays ‘Red Strawberry’) is an original variety, decorative with beautiful little ears with red grains. It is easily cultivated in the vegetable garden and requires little maintenance with regular watering. In the spring, we sowed 2-3 seeds in pockets 40 cm apart from each other in the open ground in a sunny position, spacing the rows 70 cm apart. It is necessary to have several plants to facilitate pollination.

Once the seeds germinated, we kept the most beautiful plant in the pocket. When the seedlings have reached about 20 cm, we put a small stake in them. After a few months of patience we had beautiful ears of corn in our vegetable garden. As soon as the silks begin to turn brown, it is a sign that the ears can be harvested. On a corn-strawberry popcorn plant we harvested about 5-6 cobs. After the harvest, it’s time for tasting!

But-strawberry (Zea mays ‘Red Strawberry’)!

Recipe: make homemade sweet popcorn:

After harvesting your corn-strawberry popcorn cobs, it is necessary to dry your cobs by hanging them in a dry and ventilated place for at least 2 weeks. This step is essential to remove the moisture and obtain popcorn. Now that your cobs are dry, pick off the red kernels. You can then make your homemade popcorn, here is our recipe:

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1) Melt butter in a saucepan, then add your grains. Stir well to soak all the grains of butter. Then cover the pan, and let the grains pop.

2) Then add sugar and mix. You can now taste. A little advice: taste them warm, it’s even better! Good tasting 😊. The recipe can also be made in a savory version.

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