Have you ever heard of sprouted seeds? These are quite simply seeds of edible plants that are eaten fresh for breakfast, in dishes, in salads or even as an aperitif. Loaded with nutrients and vitamins, sprouted seeds are revolutionizing the world of dietetics and nutrition. If sprouted seeds are more and more trendy today, you should know that man has been consuming them since antiquity, they were already on the menu of the Sumerians, the Celts or the Chinese… already at the time we knew their exceptional benefits!

Sprouted seeds, real little “nutrient bombs”!

The sprouted seed is a food with a thousand virtues for our health; not surprising to see them reappear on our plates. Rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins, enzymes, essential fatty acids and amino acids, sprouted seeds easily take first place on the health food podium. Their secret? The sprouting process that increases their nutritional value. And since sprouted seeds are most often eaten raw, all their benefits are preserved and the vitamins and nutrients are easily assimilated by the body!

In addition to being excellent for your health, sprouted seeds are also very decorative and their delicate herbaceous and sometimes spicy flavor will be perfect for enhancing your recipes. Very easy to include in daily preparations, sprouted seeds go particularly well with salads, fish dishes, in sandwiches, in omelettes or in soups.

The sprouted seed is a food with a thousand virtues for our health!

How to grow sprouted seeds?

Growing your own sprouted seeds requires having a sprouter or a germination dish and of course seeds to sprout , of varieties suitable for consumption and preferably organic. Note that seed germination times depend on the variety. Here is a selection of the best seeds to sprout:

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– Quinoa sprouts : It is one of the most nutritious plants in the world because it is rich in protein and fiber. Its sprouted seeds are light and crunchy with a very mild taste. Germination 2 days.

– Alfalfa sprouted seeds : From the legume family, the green and sweet flavor of alfalfa sprouted seeds generally appeals to everyone. Rich in vitamins and minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. Germination between 5 and 6 days.

– Sprouted chickpea seeds : Rich in iron, phosphorus and vitamins B1, B2, B3, C and A. Sprouted chickpea seeds are eaten scalded in salads or steamed as a main course. Germinates within 5 days.

– Sprouted seeds of pink radish: Delicately spicy flavor and a subtle color. The pink radish brings freshness, spiciness and bite to your salads. Original and surprisingly colorful, pink radish sprouts will delight you. Germination between 3 and 5 days.

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