We have all walked through beautiful gardens on long, hot summer days. But what we don’t necessarily know is that there are several types of gardens , each with its own characteristics and layouts. Among them, there are English gardens, Andalusian gardens, and many more. Let’s go back to the one that interests us today: the French garden. This type of garden reached its apogee when it adorned the Palace of Versailles in the 17th century.

1. Symmetrical

The French garden materializes in a geometric and symmetrical plan.

2. Danish

French gardens adorn many castles throughout Europe and even around the world.

3. Lots of water

Water games, fountains, jets, water curtains are inseparable from French gardens.

4. Symmetry

These gardens are ordered through a symmetrical axis which divides the garden in two.

5. The closer, the more beautiful

The closer the flower beds are to the dwelling, the better they are cared for.

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