Winter is near and the vegetable garden will gradually be empty. If you haven’t started early enough for fall planting, you may not have enough crops to survive the winter. However, there is a solution: transplants. You won’t have many varieties to choose from, but at least your vegetable basket will be full for the winter. Lamb’s lettuce, parsley or cabbage await you for the winter season. Here are 3 vegetables to plant in late fall to get through the winter with good harvests.

1) The beet to plant

Head to the garden center to find some beet plants that you can plant in late fall. Install them in the garden, spacing them at least 20 cm apart. The soil must be worked and slightly moist. Each row should be spaced 20 cm apart as well. The advantage with planting beets is that you can eat them a month later, until January. You can taste the root, but also the leaves which are cooked and eaten like spinach.

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2) Lamb’s lettuce

Once again, go to the garden center to find the last lamb’s lettuce plants! The season has passed quickly, so don’t miss them. If by chance you manage to find some, make room for the vegetable garden and prepare the soil. Lamb’s lettuce appreciates sandy, cool, rich and slightly humid soils. Each plant should be spaced 25 cm apart. Watering should be regular.

lamb's lettuce
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3) Chinese cabbages

Chinese cabbage is eaten during the winter. The advantage of cabbage is that there are hundreds of varieties. For the end of autumn, you will therefore have the chance to find two late varieties: pe-tsai cabbage and pak-choï cabbage. Do not delay, because he does not like the cold weather. Water your plants regularly, this is what allows them to grow quite quickly. Watch out for slugs and flea beetles, two enemies of Chinese cabbage. If you want to have the chance to taste them before the small animals, put up an anti-insect veil as soon as you plant them.

Chinese cabbage
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