Helping birds in winter is a generous gesture for their survival. More and more people are bringing food to these little birds as the temperatures get colder and colder. This period is particularly difficult for them, because their subsistence is scarce. Helping the birds also means brightening up the winter with entertainment and melodious songs. In addition, it helps to maintain the ecosystem and biodiversity within its garden. Moreover, no need to have a garden to feed the birds: a window is enough! Discover the best ways and techniques to best feed the birds in order to welcome them into your garden.

Why should birds be fed?

When winter comes, nature goes out little by little. For the animals, it is becoming more and more difficult to feed themselves. Worms, insects and berries make up the majority of bird food. But when it’s cold, these foods become very rare. Thus, the usual foodstuffs disappear and there is not enough for everyone. The survival of these small (and large) birds therefore becomes a real challenge in winter.

Bringing food for the birds is fine. But we must not do it anyhow so that our actions do not become a handicap in their survival.

What to give the birds:

It is recommended to bring seeds, fruits and fats for the survival of the birds. Foods rich in lipids provide them with the necessary strength. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Seasonal fruits cut into small cubes
  • Soft butter and margarine (be careful, no salt)
  • Berries
  • Flour
  • Seed mix (wheat, barley, oats, etc.)
  • meat fat

Thanks to the margarine, you can make a ball with all the other ingredients to hang. Be careful with the nets even if accidents are rare: their legs can sometimes get stuck in them… and there, it’s a broken leg or guaranteed death! So, if possible, it is better to avoid them or remove them if you buy ready-made balls in the supermarket. If you have a birdhouse, drop the mixture inside.

When to feed the birds?

Birds are able to feed themselves. It is important not to feed them throughout the year, because they need to learn to be independent. If you create a dependency, the biodiversity chain will quickly become turned upside down! Try to feed them when it starts to get really cold and stop when the warm weather returns.

Credits: Benita5 / Pixabay

Huts and feeders

Birdhouses or birdhouses are ideal for protecting them from the cold and feeding them. Here you will find how to build and install them. However, it is quite possible to feed the birds simply by placing food on the edge of your window!


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