If there is a language of flowers, did you know that there is also a floral calendar? Each month corresponds to a variety of flowers. Find out which flower is associated with each month of the year and find out which is your birth flower according to this calendar like no other!

The language of birth flowers

Since the dawn of time, flowers have been associated with symbols and feelings. Indeed, is there anything more poetic than a flower to convey a message? But did you know that each lunar month is associated with a flower? The rose, for example, is intimately linked to the month of June. In addition, thanks to the hidden symbolism of flowers, it is possible to interpret your birth flower. Also in our example, the rose symbolizes love and appreciation. To go further, discover the symbolism of these 10 flowers.

Birth flowers sketch the poetic portrait of a person by the strongest character trait, or they represent a constellation of the zodiac. In addition, there is a specificity of the calendar, because certain lunar months are associated with two or three different flowers. Indeed, depending on the culture and the climate, the flowers are of course not all the same around the world!

Finally, this calendar is ideal for choosing the best flowers for a person for the celebration of their birthday, for creating personalized arrangements or for a special occasion, such as making a wedding bouquet for example.

Birth flower calendar

  1. January: the carnation and the snowdrop
  2. February: violet and iris (primrose in the United States)
  3. March: narcissus and daffodil
  4. April: the sweet pea and the daisy
  5. May: lily of the valley (lily in the United States)
  6. June: the rose
  7. July: larkspur (or delphinium)
  8. August: poppy and gladiolus
  9. September: the aster
  10. October: the worry
  11. November: the chrysanthemum
  12. December: holly and narcissus (poinsettia in the United States)
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