There are many coastal regions in France. They are known for their sublime landscapes and mild climate. Moreover, it is thanks to this climate that many plants can flourish quietly. It is for this reason that the gardens by the sea are cultivated very well and offer an authentic bucolic atmosphere. If you find yourself in a seaside area, here are some ideas for plants to grow in your garden! 


  • In the Mediterranean region 
  • In Brittany
  • In Normandy
  • The southwest

In the Mediterranean region 

The Mediterranean region, known as the orange region, is the ideal place to grow exotic plants. You will have the chance to grow hundreds of flowers of all colors! Moreover, we recognize the Mediterranean panoramas by their colorful landscapes dotted with green-gray leaves. The South is also about sparkling fruit trees and majestic olive trees.

Ideas of trees to cultivate:  olive tree, bougainvillea , holm oak.

Flowers and green plants:  lavender, thyme, helichrysum, rosemary, sage, mugwort.

Hedges:  oleander, cassias, callistemon.

mediterranean garden
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In Brittany

In Brittany, the soil tends to be acidic. That’s why there are so many hydrangeas! The acidity gives them this blue hue which blends wonderfully with the landscape, like a continuity with the sea. plants of other colors!

Ideas of plants to grow:  hydrangeas, azaleas, magnolias, agapanthus, rhododendrons and even palm and banana trees!

brittany house entrance hydrangea
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In Normandy

Normandy is very close to England and the English gardens are known for this  cottage and romantic atmosphere . The Norman gardens are greatly inspired by their neighbors with pretty colorful and fragrant gardens. The flower beds are numerous and impressive.

Ideas of flowers to grow:  clematis, gauras, foxgloves, pennisetums, phlox, daylilies, viburnums, climbing roses.

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Trees:  beech, willow, apple tree, pear tree.

Special sandy soil plants:  atriplex, arbutus, eleagnus, euonymus, griselina, pittosporum, teucrium, black elderberry.

english garden cottage
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The southwest

The Southwest is a region that experiences strong winds. Plants should be protected or vigorous enough to withstand squalls. Moreover, from the Vendée to the Basque countries, the soil is rather sandy and dry. So consider turning to tropical plants that are resistant to drought. You will have the chance to grow plants with a thousand colors.

Ideas for plants to grow:  birds of paradise, cannas, hollyhocks, cornflowers, chasteberries, tree ferns, conifers.

roses tremieres
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