We rarely have the opportunity to make a good first impression twice… In any case, that’s what we can say to ourselves when decorating the entrance to the house. And it is mainly a question of dosage according to your tastes and the style of your home: many colors or not, more or less flowering plants, structured or bucolic atmosphere… Which of these inspirations will you favor? 


  • 1. A flower crown
  • 2. Minimalist
  • 3. The charm of terracotta
  • 4. Cottage print 
  • 5. Monochrome
  • 6. Contrast with climbing plants
  • 7. Glycine, for a spectacular effect 
  • 8. Contemporary
  • 9. Art topiary 
  • 10. Breton atmosphere

1. A flower crown

The crown is not the prerogative of the winter season! On the contrary, it can even be a pleasant surprise at other times of the year. Made of fresh or dried flowers, it brings a romantic and poetic touch .

flower wreath entrance door
Credits: iStock / Cynthia Shirk

2. Minimalist

Perfect for those who want a bit of greenery without spending too much time in the garden. Boxwood is a safe bet and is a simple and sober way to structure your entrance.

boxwood modern house entrance
Credits: iStock / Polnon Prapanon

3. The charm of terracotta

With the old stones, these pots and different varieties of flowers bring a rural and natural side , for an entry that could not be more flowery!

house entrance terracotta flower pots
Credits: iStock / InnaFelker

4. Cottage print 

A white barrier, cascading flowers… There’s nothing like creating a romantic and bucolic atmosphere  inspired by the most beautiful cottages across the Channel!

entrance house cottage fence
Credits: iStock / Backyard Production

5. Monochrome

It is not only synonymous with sadness, proof is with this shades of colors in shades of brown. Ideal for a discreet, elegant and modern look .

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modern house entrance shrub
Credits: iStock / hikesterson

6. Contrast with climbing plants

This is a daring color for the wall , but red and green are perfectly complementary! Enough to create a natural and flowery entrance that can suit both farmhouses and modern houses!

entrance house red climbing plant
Credits: iStock / krugli

7. Glycine, for a spectacular effect 

In addition to bringing a little shade and pleasantly perfuming the air with its sweet smell, the wisteria brings a very poetic touch thanks to its color.

entree maison glycine
Credits: iStock / Alena Kravchenko

8. Contemporary

This style of recent house goes very well with a gravel garden , it’s up to you to choose the composition and shape !

modern gravel house entrance
Credits: iStock / jodiejohnson

9. Art topiary 

If you are looking for an entrance with discreet but sophisticated charm , do not hesitate any longer: topiary art makes it possible to dress up any wall, path or entrance.

topiary art house entrance
Credits: iStock / Akabei

10. Breton atmosphere

This enormous clump of hydrangeas  above this granite entrance immediately sets the scene: the magnificent Breton cliffs are not far away!

brittany house entrance hydrangea
Credits: iStock / Xantana
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