The Asian hornet was accidentally introduced into France about fifteen years ago. This insect that scientists call vespa velutina nigrithorax, attack gardens, crops, but especially bees. Sometimes Asian hornets attack humans (if they are stressed for example) and their bites are sometimes fatal. Bees being their favorite food gradually lead to their disappearance since the number of Asian hornets increases each year. And we now know how important bees are to the functioning of biodiversity and the planet more generally. So how do you protect bees from Asian hornets? Here are some tips to implement.

Recognizing the Asian Hornet

This insect is easily recognizable, in particular by its imposing size and its bright colors. The Asian hornet is mainly black with a large orange band on the abdomen surrounded by two smaller yellow bands on the second part of its body. Its overall size is between 17 and 32mm !

On the level of its head, one can observe an orange color and its legs are yellow at the ends.


What solutions to protect bees?

If you have bee hives, you can start by protecting their habitat. The hive is an essential accessory for keeping honey bees. Beekeepers use them to exploit honey, but also wax, royal jelly, pollen and propolis.

Anti-hornet grids

  • There are anti-hornets grids that can be placed at the entrance of the hives. They can be found in specialized stores or online at for example. These grids have a sufficient diameter for the bees to reach the hive no problem, but not for the much bigger asian hornets! The bees will then be able to go back and forth without being afraid while being loaded with pollen. However, remember to remove the grids as soon as the Asian hornets disappear otherwise some male bees will no longer be able to pass.
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The baits

  • Little homemade trick, it is possible to make a bait based on beer, syrup and wine. In a bottle cut in half (the upper part with the neck in the shape of a funnel towards the inside of the bottle), it is enough to put 1/4 of grenadine syrup, 1/4 of white wine and 1/2 of Brown beer. Place this container near beehives or hang it up if you can, but avoid flowering shrubs and trees to spare other insects. This bait will easily attract Asian hornets, but not bees sincethey hate the smell of white wine.

Call professionals

  • The tips mentioned above are valid for a few hornets hanging around the garden. If you see a nestit is essential call in the professionals. A nest can really become dangerous, especially if you have children or elderly people at home. Call your town hall who will inform you.

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