The roof of your house or your veranda is confronted daily with the weather. In fact, whether it’s raining, windy, snowing or sunny, your roof suffers damage, wears out over time and therefore becomes fragile. As soon as cracks or water infiltration appear, it is high time to worry. Let’s discover together these tips for the renovation of your roof.

Change or renovate?

If your roof is deteriorating, you can then opt for a renovation or a change of roof. The best thing is to bring in a professional who will be able to analyze the condition of your roof and guide you towards the best solution to adopt. Otherwise, you can also renovate it on your own, provided you use the right materials so that it lasts over time.

Generally, these are the roofs of veranda in sheet metal which are the most widespread. Indeed, this material has a strong sealing power, but also an attractive price, which represents its main asset. On the other hand, its sound insulation is quite poor. It is for this reason that a double layer of sound and heat insulation must be laid using screws for sheet metal that are weather resistant and will firmly join the materials together.

If your veranda is at least ten years old, do not hesitate to inquire, because new materials are constantly arriving on the market.

How to renovate a veranda roof?

First, you can replace gaskets of the roof which are certainly damaged by the sun and mold. It is also important to check them regularly to avoid water damage to your beautiful veranda.

You can also replace the panels which lose their insulating power over time. You end up with a room that is too cold in winter and too hot in summer.

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How about changing materials?

The glass roof, despite its rather high price, is very aesthetic. It will allow you to observe the stars in the warmth and to warm you up in winter thanks to the sun which beats on the glass. On the other hand, glass is a rather heavy material and the structure must be adapted to support such a weight. Also pay attention to the orientation of your veranda! If it is facing south / west, you risk some overheating, especially in summer.

The polycarbonate roof, unlike glass, is very light and easy to install in addition to being economical. It is a plastic material with excellent mechanical properties and thermal resistance allowing use between −100°C and 120°C! You will then be quiet in summer and winter. In addition, you will have a minimum of brightness without being dazzled.

There is also sandwich panels which are composed of several layers of materials and allow a high level sound and thermal insulation.

Finally, there are the microfilmed panels which, unlike sandwich panels, allow light to pass through while performing just as well. You can also choose the desired thickness for a renovation of your roof.

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