Sometimes it makes more sense to opt for a small kitchen. Indeed, the storage will certainly be more limited, but you know the saying: the more space there is, the more we tend to accumulate. Having a small kitchen will therefore allow you to be less dispersed, because the smallest corner will be optimized and everything will be at your disposal. In addition, you will learn to cook with only the necessary, all in a small kitchen that is practical to use and pleasant to live in!

The kitchen is indeed a space where we like to be alone or accompanied and have a good time cooking or toasting. It is therefore important that it, in addition to being small, is pretty and welcoming. We offer you some ideas for setting it up.

1 – A kitchen open to the living room

Opt for a small kitchen open so that it appears larger and more airy. Also, choose a light shade for a more welcoming and warm look. As in the image below, do not hesitate to arrange a bar or a work plan to create a delimitation. In addition, it can also serve as a dining table.

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2 – High furniture

The most effective solution is to install wall units to optimize storage. On the other hand, if you are short, consider buying a stool that will help you catch what you want on a daily basis.

© iStock/brizmaker

3 – Optimized and decorative storage

Don’t forget that you can install pretty shelves if you’re not a fan of tall furniture. You can install pretty decorations, plants or kitchen utensils.

© iStock/Ilona Shorokhova

4 – Hanging plants

Attach a wall bar to hang pots containing aromatic herbs. They will spread delicious smells in your kitchen while allowing you to concoct tasty dishes while being easy to access!

Hanging plants
© iStock/Polina Lebed

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