Already cold, the month of November does not necessarily encourage you to spend time in the garden! However, it is the ideal month to plant fruit trees and shrubs , but also spring-flowering bulbs . As far as vegetable plants are concerned, some sowing and planting are still possible!

November in the vegetable garden: What to sow and what to plant?

Onion rocambole

An old variety of perennial onion!

Tuberous Chervil

A root vegetable with a sweet chestnut flavor!

wild garlic

A delicious species of wild garlic!


A great “green manure” with very honey-rich flowers!

The Oyster Plant

A tasty plant with oyster flavor!


An ancient vegetable already on Charlemagne’s plate!

Sweet woodruff

The famous plant at the origin of the “Waldmeister” drink!

Sichuan Pepper Plant

A rustic pepper plant, with a unique fragrant flavor!

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