Cedar is a conifer that is grown as a hedge. It is chosen mainly for its very rapid growth, but less for its usefulness in terms of biodiversity. It is above all an excellent choice when trying to hide from view, especially since this screen is grown very well in France. It is also renowned for being a robust evergreen hedge. Here’s everything there is to know about planting cedar.

Where, when and how to plant cedar?

The ideal time to plant cedar is in the fall. It is nevertheless possible to plant it in early spring outside of frost periods, but watering should be more regular. Prefer a sunny exposure even if it tolerates partial shade. For cedars purchased in containers, planting can take place all year round, but always outside of frost periods. Regarding the type of soil, it is not difficult, all types are suitable for it.

After planting, place a mulch at its foot to prevent weeds from invading it, but also to protect it from the cold. Prefer a mulch based on pine bark even if any other form of mulch will do.

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Size and maintenance

The planting stage is important for growth to be fast enough. Pruning must also be regular and take place in the spring when the sap is rising to stimulate growth.

If you do not prune your hedge, it can reach 20 m in height and will be conical in shape. For a classic hedge shape, prune in spring or late summer. You can then choose the height, but also the thickness of your hedge.

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If you want to slow down the growth of your hedge, prune it at the end of August, because that’s when the sap goes down. This will make it easier for you to control the growth of the shrub.

Be careful, if you prune the thuja during the rise of the sap, it can quickly become invasive and problematic if you have neighbours.

Don’t forget to add shrub fertilizer when the weather is nice.

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