Generally consumed as an infusion, verbena is a plant known for its many benefits. If its taste is marked, it is however completely odorless in its place of plantation. Verbena is mainly found in Europe and Asia. Here is everything there is to know about verbena and its many virtues.

The benefits of verbena

In the past, verbena was called “Witcher’s Herb” because of its fascinating virtues on the body. Today, it is mainly used for its soothing action and for digestion. Indeed, an infusion of verbena acts on the digestive juices. It is ideal for people whose digestion is difficult and who suffer from chronic stomach pain. It is also effective against diarrhea and drowsiness.

Verbena is also effective against headaches. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic action also reduces joint pain and rheumatism.

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For anxious and stressed people, verbena soothes and makes it easier to fall asleep. You can also use the plant as a mouthwash to treat your mouth ulcers.

Finally, you can also use verbena externally for skin lesions (insect bites, cracks, cracks, rashes, etc.). Just make a decoction with 50 g of plant for 1 liter of water. It is also effective on bruises or sprains.

Verbena in the kitchen

In addition to consuming it in herbal tea, you can use verbena in your various dishes. Fresh leaves pair perfectly with meat or vegetables. Also use them in your marinades to give them an exquisite taste. Sweet verbena desserts are also a delight.

The cultivation of verbena

It is a hardy and very robust plant. It is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. All it needs is plenty of light and light soil. Find all our tips on growing verbena right here.

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