Are you looking for information on garden greenhouses or a method for a more sustainable and efficient yield? Discover our advice and the advantages of the different types of greenhouses!

What is a greenhouse used for?

A greenhouse allows you to grow your own vegetables any season. So your crops are protected from climate changewhat prolongs life of your plants. So you can start sowing and planting even before the last frosts and enjoy your delicious tomatoes until early fall. In addition, your crops will be protected from pests, such as birds or rodents!

The three most common types of greenhouses

The tunnel greenhouse

The polytunnel greenhouse is generally made up of a tubular structure in galvanized steel. It is quite easy to install and comes in many different sizes. You can also adapt the size of your greenhouse depending on the number of plantations you wish to protect. You can also choose the thickness of the film and the structure.

In addition toimprove your productionthe polytunnel greenhouse provides effective weather protectionsuch as wind, rain, frost, snow, hail, but also against pests such as birds, rodents, certain insects and slugs.

Depending on the size and the materials that make up the tunnel greenhouse, it is also quite simple to move it the following year if you want to change your vegetable garden.

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The igloo greenhouse or bell greenhouse

The igloo greenhouse is rather design and elegant thanks to its round shape. She brings a warm side to your garden, but it obviously takes up more space. It is indeed difficult to place it against a wall or in a small corner. Like the tunnel greenhouse, it will protect your crops from bad weather while providing them with light.

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The bell greenhouse offers protection to plants against wet and saturated soils as well as against low temperatures. It is used to boost yield and extend the growing season. Your plants will thus reach maturity more quickly.

Greenhouse igloo
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The attached greenhouse

The attached greenhouse is available in different materials. You can find them in polycarbonate, tempered glass or horticultural glass. Attached to the wall, it can enjoy all the heat released by the sun or heating. It is also perfect in case of limited space.

The glass greenhouse is very aesthetic and brings a charming touch to your garden. In addition, it will provide very good insulation and excellent brightness.

As far as materials are concerned, tempered glass is much more scratch and impact resistant than horticultural glass. As for greenhouses made of polycarbonate, they are very similar to those made of glass, but they do not let in as much light. On the other hand, they will adapt perfectly to balconies.

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