The cold season is gradually setting in, and with it come flavors that we like to find year after year. If the soup puts the vegetables in the spotlight, the fruits are not left out! This is particularly the case for the clementine and the mandarin, whose smell is reminiscent of Christmas… But how to tell the difference between the two? This is what we are going to see right away!

Clementine is a tangerine

There is no point in contrasting them, since they both come from the same citrus family: rutaceae. This is why they are reminiscent of oranges, although they are easier to peel. But let’s go further, since the clementine is none other thana kind of tangerine. Smaller in size than its counterpart, it also has a deeper orange color.

According to legend, the clementine takes its name from brother Clement who would have made the cross between an orange tree… and a mandarin tree! This would have taken place at the beginning of the 19th century. Victim of its success, the clementine tends today to surpass the mandarin in terms of sales. Also note that the latter matures about 1 month after the clementine.

The ideal snack for the cold season! Credits: Flickr / Marco Verch Professional Photographer and Speaker

Which one to choose ?

Now that we can tell them apart at a glance, what about their taste and nutritional particularities? Already these are seasonal fruits, which it is always preferable to choose if you want to consume in a more responsible way! Moreover, they both present health benefits. The number of calories they contain is substantially the same (between 35 and 40).

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Although the clementine is less fragrant, it nevertheless has the advantage of contain fewer seeds and to be easier to peel. It also contains more vitamin C, and it is easy to find Corsican clementines on fruit and vegetable stalls. On the other side, the tangerine offers a sweeter flavor and is more nutritious vitamin A than oranges! Enough to boost your immune defenses in winter!

As you will have understood, the difference between clementine and mandarin is rather subtle, but marked enough for everyone to be able to choose between the two according to their desires. In both cases, these citrus fruits provide a dose of fiber and nutrients great this season !

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