Even if nature slows down in winter, the garden does not stand still. Life goes on in the garden and there is no shortage of work. Some plantations are still relevant during the month of December, even if they are not numerous. Whether in the orchard, the vegetable garden or the ornamental garden, the garden never rests for our greatest pleasure. Indeed, all gardeners will testify to this feeling of satisfaction when the abundant harvests appear at the arrival of the beautiful days. But then, what to plant in December in the garden? Here is the answer.

December in the vegetable garden:

  • The plantations: gray shallot, spring onion, tarragon, yellow onions
  • Sowing under chassis: summer head cabbage, garden cress, Parmex round carrot, broccoli cabbage, spring cauliflower, parsley, chervil
  • Sowing in the ground on a hot bed: salsify, lettuce, peas, leeks, early carrots
  • The transplants: lamb’s lettuce, winter lettuce, head cabbage
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December in the orchard:

  • The plantations: plum, cherry, peach, jujube, persimmon, olive, vine, kiwi, gooseberry, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, cranberry chestnut, quince, walnut, pear, apple. This includes most of bare-rooted fruit trees and small-fruited shrubs.
  • The cuttings: blackcurrant, gooseberry, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, vine.
  • The multiplications: hazel.

December in the ornamental garden:

In the ornamental garden, preference is given to deciduous trees, shrubs and hedges in containers or with bare roots.

  • The plantations: hellebores, witch hazel, daphne, osmanthus, all roses (in particular bush roses), crocuses, snowdrops, narcissus, tulips, clematis, honeysuckle, Virginia creeper, wisteria, imperial dahlias, deutzia, beech, laburnum, flowering currant, mock orange, mountain ash, aucuba, barberry, chalef, cotoneaster, euonymus, holly, laurel, boxwood with bare roots.
  • The cuttings: alder, oakleaf maple, flowering currant, paulownia, all shrubs, conifer, turkestan knotweed, actinidia, Virginia creeper, wisteria, myoporums lætums, acanthus and paniculate phlox.

Indoor plants:

As far as indoor plants are concerned, some repotting can be done at the end of autumn, although it is preferable to wait until spring. December is also the perfect time for amaryllis bulbsbut also for plants such as the oncidium or the paphiopedilum orchid.

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