A garden shed can be useful for several reasons. You can store your wood, your gardening and DIY equipment, to protect your garden furniture during the winter or simply to have a place to do some DIY. There are therefore different sizes and different materials for your shelter. Find out in advance about the rules of the local urban plan of your municipality. Let’s see it together below.

Which material to choose?

The wooden garden shed

Thanks to his natural, authentic and rustic look, the wooden garden shed will fit perfectly in your garden. If you choose a raw wooden shelter, it will be necessary to carry out an insecticide and fungicide treatment before assembly. After assembly, apply two or three coats of stain to finish protecting the wood.

On the other hand, if you opt for autoclaved wood, you will not need to do all this.

Wooden shelters still requireregular maintenance to avoid any mould, the appearance of parasites or a degradation of tint.

The Trigano garden sheds have an OSB (Oriented Strand Board) roof. This is covered with a bitumen felt. OSB has the advantage of being inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and water and fire resistant.


The metal garden shed

The metal is easy to maintain and assemble, but however, beware of rust, which can set in very quickly. If you are in a windy and humid region, avoid choosing this material. Indeed, the metal is light and offers little protection against humidity.

On the other hand, the aluminum panels, them, better protect against bad weather and do not rust. They therefore do not require any particular maintenance.

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PVC garden shed

PVC has a great ability to UV and humidity resistant. Check the quality of the latter so that it can last over time.

Resin garden shed

such as PVC, resin does not fear bad weather or shocks. They are the strongest.

What area?

The choice of the size of your shelter depends on the use you want to make of it.

A garden shed less than 5 m2 is interesting if you have a small plot. It then allows you to store garden tools, for example, your barbecue or a small mower. For this type of shelter, no declaration to the town hall is necessary. Installation is free.

Concerning the medium-sized shelters, located between 5 and 15 m2, you can bring in your bikes, your mower or even your garden furniture. It is even nice to install a workbench for tinkering. A declaration to the town hall is mandatory for a shelter of this size.

Thanks to this beautiful area of 15 to 20 m2, it is possible to create a living room, a summer kitchen or even a games room! If you keep the shelter function, you will be able to protect your motorcycle and everything you don’t use all year round, to avoid cluttering your house.

For a shelter greater than 20 m2you will need to apply for a building permit.

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