Spring has come and like every year, we will have to take care of the garden and its exteriors. But before embarking on gardening activities, you need to choose the pair of gloves that will protect you from cuts and scrapes.

To equip you as well as possible, we offer a selection of Rostaing gloves dedicated to outdoor work.

The pair of Bramble gloves

Bramble gloves for pruning brambles

The Roncier pair of gloves is a reference for the protection of work in thorny and bushy environments. Thanks to its long cuffs, it effectively protects the forearms when you are working on pruning brambles and roses.

These Rostaing gloves are made of split cowhide, with Ripstop® polyester and skinsoft fabric for optimal comfort. Light and flexible, the Roncier de Rostaing pair of gloves can be worn for a long time without discomfort to carry out the work.

Standards: EN 388: 4143

Fence gloves for barbed wire work

Rather intended for professionals than for individuals, the pair of Clôture gloves provide an effective response for work in the agricultural environment or for construction sites.

Made with cow grain leather and Ripstop® fabric, these Rostaing gloves for barbed wire and large thorns are effective and protect you from scratches and scrapes. Thick and water-repellent, Clôture gloves resist both water and abrasion.

Designed in partnership with farmers, Clôture gloves have been tested and validated by professionals for their effectiveness.

Standards EN 388 4144X

Rostaing Clôture gloves for thorny and barbed wire work

The pair of Rostaing Protect gloves for small thorns

Rostaing Protect gloves for roses

If, however, you do not plan to handle dangerous thorns or large barbed wire, you will find in the pair of Rostaing Protect gloves , a great ally for small jobs in thorny environments such as pruning roses and citrus trees.

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Made of cotton coated with DMF-free latex, they are resistant against tears and punctures, and offer great dexterity in handling cutting tools. Its thick latex provides protection on the palms and fingers.

Standards: EN 388 3131X

Rameau gloves for pruning vines and green spaces

The pruning of vines, hedges and green spaces requires long-lasting protection due to the intensive use of cutting tools such as pruning shears or shears.

The Rameau de Rostaing pair of gloves is designed with extra-gripping technology with a Ripostop® fabric that offers a perfect solution against scratches and manual efforts. Comfortable with its waterproof and breathable lining, the fabric is breathable to keep hands dry while wicking away perspiration. For finger comfort, Rameau gloves are reinforced with PORON® foam between the thumb and index finger to reduce muscular effort.

Standards: EN 388 2122

Rostaing Rameau gloves for pruning the vine

Forestry heavy duty gloves

Rostaing Forestier Gloves

Approved by loggers, Rostaing Forestier gloves are intended for all users of cutting devices for heavy gardening work: logging, trimming hedges and trees. Particularly intended for handling sharp and vibrating electric tools such as chainsaws, the pair of Forestier gloves from Rostaing have PORON® foam reinforcements responsible for absorbing shocks and vibrations for long-lasting work.

Whatever the outdoor conditions, wet or dry, its water-repellent leather combined with RIPSTOP® fabric protects you from scratches while keeping your hands as dry as possible. Even in a humid environment, FORESTIER gloves ensure perfect impermeability.

Standards: EN 388 2122X 

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