The pergola is a real outdoor extension of your home . It is an intermediate space which makes it possible to create a space in its own right that is open and easily accessible. You will inevitably find the pergola that suits you since there is something for all budgets depending on the materials and structures chosen. And who says pergola, says climbing plants! Bring height to your garden with fragrant, colorful or graphic plants. To spruce up your pergola, here are 5 plant ideas to adopt!


  • 1) The climbing hydrangea for pergolas in the shade
  • 2) A solid pergola for climbing fruit trees
  • 3) Golden hops
  • 4) Star Jasmine
  • 5) Wisteria

1) The climbing hydrangea for pergolas in the shade

The climbing hydrangea is ideal for a shady exposure. If you only have one side of the pergola in the shade, place the hydrangea there. Coupled with other plants, this will give an original asymmetrical effect.

brittany house entrance hydrangea
Credits: iStock / Xantana

2) A solid pergola for climbing fruit trees

As said above, there are many models of pergolas. It depends on your desires, your budget and of course your exterior. For example, Gustave Rideau pergolas offer custom models. Another factor to consider is what you want to grow! Indeed, it is possible to grow fruit on the pergola with climbing varieties such as kiwis, chayotes or even vines for delicious grapes. It is therefore necessary to ensure that your pergola is solid to support the weight of the fruit.

Credits: Gustave Rideau, © Alexandre LAMOUREUX.

3) Golden hops

The pergola is almost a golden hop essential. It is a plant with spectacular growth. If you need to quickly cover one of the surfaces of the pergola like the roof, this is the plant for you. You won’t get tired of its graphic leaves which turn from green to yellow and then to gold in summer. They can climb up to 6m high!

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golden hops
Credits: Eva-Foreman / iStcok

4) Star Jasmine

For a pergola with a sweet floral scent, star jasmine is the ideal plant. Moreover, the perfume intensifies once the evening comes, enough to spend beautiful summer evenings. The star jasmine is planted in the spring, but it is a robust and particularly hardy plant that resists cool nights.

star jasmine
Credits: larioslake / iStock

5) Wisteria

Wisteria is also a fast-growing plant , enough to cover your pergola very quickly. Its beautiful, large clusters of fragrant flowers cascade for a charming bucolic effect. Some vines can reach 20 meters, so you will need to choose a support strong enough to support it. If you like very fragrant varieties, turn to varieties from China.

entree maison glycine
Credits: iStock / Alena Kravchenko
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