Yuzu is a fruit tree native to Japan. It produces delicious citrus fruits whose particular taste is between mandarin and lemon. Yuzu is very popular in the kitchen and especially not by the great pastry chefs who incorporate it into their refined dishes. The tree requires some maintenance to have the chance to taste its sweet and tangy fruits. Here are all our tips for growing yuzu well.


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Where and when to plant yuzu?

Yuzu is a hardy plant, which is quite surprising for a citrus tree . Planting preferably takes place in the spring. However, for regions where the winters are rather very cold, it is preferable to plant in the spring.

You can easily install your tree in a small garden, because its habit is narrow and its growth is particularly slow.

Choose a place that is well exposed to the sun and warm. Ideally, the soil should be light, rich in organic matter and have an acidic to neutral pH. The soil should also be well drained.

The yuzu blooms during the spring, offering very fragrant flowers that perfume the garden. It is in the fall that the fruits appear.

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How to plant yuzu?

Yuzu is grown both in the ground and in pots.

In the ground:

After finding a naturally acidic soil, prepare and amend it. Then, dig a hole 20 to 30 cm deep. Add a little potting soil, count the root ball without breaking the roots and place your tree in the middle of the hole. Backfill and tamp the soil at the foot of the tree without burying the collar. Water generously.

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In a jar:

If winters are harsh in your area, container planting may be an option. This will allow you to protect your tree from the cold more easily. You just have to remember to repot your tree from time to time.

The pot should be large and have a hole in the bottom. Add a layer of clay pebbles to improve drainage. Then, make a mixture of 1/3 heather soil, 1/3 garden soil and finally 1/3 potting soil. Install the yuzu in this substrate. Tamp around the foot.

The interview

Watering is extremely important for yuzu. It must be regular in order to keep the soil always moist. Be careful not to overdo it though.

During the summer, lay down a good layer of mulch to prevent water evaporation and to keep the soil cool.

Apply special citrus fertilizer several times a year: once in early spring before the flowers appear, at the end of summer and finally in autumn.


The harvest of yuzu fruits usually takes place in autumn. You can pick the fruits when they have a very yellow color. Harvest them as you need them to get the most taste and nutrients.

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